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“Reading the Middle East with Gilles Kepel” is Al-Monitor‘s newest podcast, where renowned French scholar Gilles Kepel interviews the ground-breaking authors and thought leaders who are both shaping and explaining the complex trends in the Middle East and Islamic world. Kepel, one of Europe‘s leading experts on Islamism, the Middle East and North Africa, is a professor at the Institute of Political Studies, Paris (Sciences Po). His numerous books — which include ”Jihad: The Trail of Political Islam,” ”The War for Muslim Minds: Islam and the West,” ”Beyond Terror and Martyrdom: The Future of the Middle East,” and ”The Prophet and the Pandemic” — have been translated into seventeen languages.

Prince Turki Al Faisal discusses his role in ’The Afghanistan File,’ chronicling Saudi Arabia’s involvement with Afghanistan from 1979-2001

January 26, 2022

HRH Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, who served as head of Saudi Arabia's General Intelligence Directorate from 1979-2001, discusses his book, The Afghanistan File, reflecting on the early support for the Mujahideen against the Soviet occupation, the rise to power of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda and their threats to the kingdom and the West, and his meetings with Osama bin Laden.


King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies:


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